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2021-2022 Research Applications Deadline

Conducting Research in Guilford County Schools

We will begin accepting research applications for the Fall of 2021 on May 3, 2021.

Research that involves the collection of data from students, parents, teachers, and/or administrators, through processes such as the examination and/or collection of information from files, records, tests, or surveys, direct observation, focus groups, or individual interviews, requires submission of a research proposal to the Research Review Committee. Examination and/or collection of information from students or teacher files will be governed by the regulations set forth in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (1997), Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, and applicable Guilford County Schools' policies and procedures.

If a Guilford County Schools’ employee or intern seeks to conduct a research study involving students, parents, or GCS staff members to fulfill the requirements for a dissertation, thesis, or university course, a proposal must be submitted in compliance with this procedure. Guilford County Schools employees are restricted from performing research involving students or staff with whom they work as part of their ordinary duties as an employee, due to the possibility of bias.

Research Application

Please fill out this application to conduct research in Guilford County Schools. Please be aware that you will need the following information to submit this form:
- Your Contact Information
- Sponsoring Organization
- Project Name
- Project Timeline
- Purpose of Research Project
- Role or Expectations of Guilford County Schools
- Intended Use of Outcomes or Results
- Project Abstract (maximum 200 words)
- Description of Research Project
- Data Collection Activities and Timeline
- Description of Principal Investigator Qualifications (resume)


Link to a more complete explanation of the external research review process:

External Research Review Process



Review of Proposals

The GCS Research Review Committee reviews and approves all research projects conducted in Guilford County Schools. There are two research review periods – one at the beginning of the school year, the second in December of each school year. Applications are reviewed weekly during the submission window.

The Research Review Committee will review each proposal using the guidelines and criteria developed by the committee. Any committee member may request, through the Chair, that the researcher discuss or provide additional information during the proposal review period. The proposal shall be accepted or rejected by a majority vote of the committee, and the researcher will be notified about the decision. Every effort will be made to make a decision within two weeks of submission.


Fall Research Review Period

 August 2, 2021

 Research Application Opens

 September 10, 2021

 Research Applications Close

 Applications are reviewed weekly during the submission window.


Winter Research Review Period

 TBA (December, 2021)

 Research Application Opens

 TBA (January, 2022)

 Research Applications Close


Spring Research Review Period

 May 3, 2021  

 Research Application Opens

 May 14, 2021   

 Research Applications Close



For any questions regarding our research review process or application, please contact Kurt Reutter, Research Review Chair, at