Welcome to Blended Learning

  • Blended learning provides learners with access to high quality instruction through a combination of face-to-face and online learning experiences.  Through this process, the antiquated education model has been transformed into a new exciting one with opportunities for customized, competency-based, anytime - anywhere learning models  that integrate technology and digital media. 

Mission & Vision

  • Our purpose is to revolutionize education in our school district by integrating blended learning strategies into our curriculum. We aim to provide equitable, innovative, and effective educational experiences by combining traditional classroom methods with the latest digital technologies.

    Our focus is on personalizing learning to meet the unique needs of each student, fostering engagement, and preparing them for success in a digital and globally connected world. We are committed to professional development for educators, ensuring they are equipped with the tools and skills necessary to deliver high-quality, technology-enhanced instruction.  

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Contact Us

  • 501 W. Washington St.
    Greensboro, NC 27401 

    School Zones

    Janiese Mckenzie, Director Blended Learning and STEM
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 1

    Maghan Luka, Coordinator Blended Learning Support 
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 9

    Richard McGoogan, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Zone 1
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 2

    Shannon Franklin, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Zone 3 
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 5

    Lisa Keith, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Zone 4
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 3

    Jessica Lamberth, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Zone 5 
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 8

    Amy Morris, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Zone 6
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 7

    Alan Schubert, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Virtual Learning  
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 4

    Dianne Woods, Lead Teacher Blended Learning Zone 2
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 6