Blended Learning Department

Welcome to Blended Learning

  • Department Vision: 

    • Transform learning and life outcomes for all students through progressive digital practices for teaching, learning, and leading 

     Department Mission: 

    • Enhance the educational outcomes for all students through progressive blended learning practices 

     The Blended Learning department has five areas of focus that support our district goals.  

     The areas are: 

    1. Virtual Learning- Provide online learning opportunities for middle and high school students 

    2. Credit Recovery- Provide high school students who have not earned required course credit for graduation with an opportunity to recover lost credits 

    3. Professional Learning- Provide professional learning to staff on the digital tools available within the district 

    4. Grants- Seek and facilitate digital learning grant opportunities 

    5. School visits- Conduct K-12 school visits and provide support for digital learning needs and instructional practices  

Contact Us

  • 501 W. Washington St.
    Greensboro, NC 27401 


    Richard McGoogan, Blended Learning Coordinator
    mcgoogr2@gcsnc.comPhone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 2

    Shannon Franklin, Blended Learning Specialist (Learning Areas 7, 11)
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 5

    Lisa Keith, Blended Learning Specialist (Learning Areas 2, 12, 13)
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 3

    Jessica Lamberth, Blended Learning Specialist (Learning Area 1)
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 8

    Amy MorrisBlended Learning Specialist (Learning Areas 6, 9)
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 7

    Alan Schubert, Blended Learning Specialist (Learning Areas 3, 10)
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 4

    Dianne Woods, Blended Learning Specialist (Learning Areas 4, 8) 
    Phone: 336-370-3272, Ext. 6

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