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Board Extends Superintendent's Contract Through 2022

Jan. 11, 2019 - Sharon L. Contreras, Ph.D., will continue to lead Guilford County Schools (GCS) for at least four more years, thanks to a contract extension approved Saturday (Jan. 5) by the Board of Education. The contract extension, the maximum allowable by North Carolina state, followed the board's evaluation of the superintendent's performance. Additionally, the Board added an additional $10,000 to be used by the Superintendent in a qualified retirement account.  

"While the Board acknowledges that changing culture is difficult in any large institution, it appreciates the willingness shown by the superintendent to confront hard issues and communicate a clear vision of high expectations for all children in Guilford County," said Deena Hayes, board chair. "The  board is committed to working with the Superintendent to strengthen educational opportunities for every student in GCS. " 

In particular, the board praised the superintendent's thorough work in developing the strategic plan and her leadership in focusing district resources on increasing student achievement and closing performance gaps by developing curriculum and strengthening academic programming. The board also noted the superintendent's success in community engagement, crisis management, governmental relations and resource development. 

"I deeply appreciate the school board's vote of confidence in my leadership, and look forward to working with the board as well as our educators, parents and community members, to improve learning and life outcomes for our 73,000 students," said Contreras.