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  • GCS provides eligible employees with access to a variety of benefit plans that promote health and wellness, in addition to helping you build financial resources for retirement.

    The benefit plans you choose will generally stay in effect until you experience a qualified life event; otherwise, you must wait until the plan’s annual enrollment period each October with the selected changes/enrollments to take effect on January 1 of the next year.


    Employee Eligibility

    Permanent full-time employees working 30 or more hours per week are eligible for all benefits.

    Permanent part-time employees working 20 to 29 hours per week are eligible for health insurance, prorated annual and sick leave, and tax-deferred annuities. The employee must pay the full cost of medical plan coverage, which includes the employer portion.


    Dependent Eligibility

    Dependent children up to age 26 are eligible. Disabled dependent children may be eligible beyond age 26.  Legally married spouses are eligible for benefit plans that provide spousal coverage options.

    Please remember that when employees add dependents to their benefit plan, they are asked to provide documentation of dependent eligibility under the State Health Plan: https://www.shpnc.org/media/653/open


    Tax status

    Depending on the benefit plan, the amounts that you pay may not be subject to Social Security/Medicare, federal and North Carolina state income tax or a combination thereof. We call these pre-tax deductions. Some benefit plan premiums/deductions are paid on an after-tax basis.


    Timing of Deductions

    Medical (State health Plan), dental and life insurance premiums are paid one month in advance of coverage and all other benefit plan premiums/deductions are taken in the same month that coverage is effective.

    NOTE: If you delay enrollment, your first benefit plan deductions could be larger than normal in order to catch up the amount that you owe. This will result in lower take-home pay which is why timely enrollment is important.


    10-month employee Summer Month Deductions

    For 10-month employees, the months of June and July are considered time away from work and are unpaid, but benefit coverage for 10-month positions is offered year-round, pending the employee’s return the following August.  Normal premiums are taken out from August through May (10 months).  Since no payment is dispersed for June and July, no premiums are deducted during these months. Therefore, a higher monthly premium must be deducted to make up for the two months that are not worked. Ultimately, 12 months of insurance premiums are deducted over 10 months’ of pay.

    If you are hired in May or June, you will owe benefits premiums for all benefits elected in your last paycheck of the fiscal year.   You will owe premiums for all benefits elected for the summer months in your last check of the fiscal year.

    • Teachers - June, July, and August
    • Asst. Teachers - June, July, August, and September
    • 10-month Custodians – June, July, August, and September
    • Bus Drivers – June, July, August, and September
    • School Nutrition – June, July, August and September


    Bi-weekly and Monthly Deductions

    If you are paid monthly, the full monthly premium/deduction amount is taken each pay period. If you are paid bi-weekly, one-half of the monthly benefit plan premium amount is deducted each pay period.


    You will use two enrollment portals for benefits

    1. Use the State Health Plan Portal for:


    Health Insurance: State Health Plan website North Carolina State Health Plan (secure-enroll.com)

    For your username, use the following guidelines:

     first name, first initial of last name, and last 4 digits of social security number

    Your password is your social security number – no spaces and no dashes


    2024 State Health Plan Comparison Chart

    2024 Plan Rates

    SHP New Employee Resources  


    1. Use the Mark III (Aflac) System Enrollment Portal for:
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Flexible Spending Accounts
    • Accident
    • Cancer
    • Critical Illness
    • Group Term Life
    • Etc.

    2024 Flex Enrollment Guide

    Visit www.aflacatwork.com/gcsnc  to complete your voluntary benefits. (i.e., Dental, Vision, AUL Short/Long Term Disability, etc.)

    Login: Full Social Security Number

    PIN: Last four digits of SSN and last two digits of your birth year


    Teachers and State Employees’ Retirement System

    • You can register and sign in to the TSERS ORBIT portal to designate beneficiaries. Access to the ORBIT portal becomes available approximately 60 days after your first contribution is made.


    Voluntary Supplemental Retirement Savings Plans

    You can enroll at any time in the 401k and 457 supplemental retirement savings plans.

    To enroll: https://ncplans.retirepru.com/enrollment.html

    You’ll need this information to enroll online:

    401k Plan #002003, Sub-plan #050410

    457 plan #012003, sub plan #050410