• Guilford County Schools Psychological Services offers a comprehensive internship program. The internship funds two full-time doctoral-level training positions beginning in mid-August and lasting 12 months. Interns can expect to obtain 2000 hours of training during their internship year.

    The mission of our training program is to assist the intern in becoming an independent professional school psychologist who can provide a variety of psychological services to help improve the mental health and educational outcomes of children and adolescents within and outside of school settings.

    Our internship represents a collaboration between the training program and field site that assures the completion of activities consistent with 1) the goals of the training program, 2) the APA Competencies for Health Service Psychologists, and 3) NASP’s Standards for Training and Field Placement Programs in School Psychology, as well as the companion NASP document, Guidelines for Performance-Based Assessment, Accountability and Program Development.

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