Out of County Information


    Guilford County Schools has the responsibility to approve or deny requests for admission for students who do not reside in Guilford County. 

    The following must be met for consideration, including but not limited to:

    • There is an extraordinary, compelling, specific family need
    • Space is available
    • The student demonstrates that he/she was in good standing
    • The student pays the tuition then being charged by the school administrative unit, unless exempted or waived based on criteria outlined in board policy
    • No transportation will be provided
    • A Release from the school system in the county where you live must be obtained and submitted with the request.

    You may submit a request between May 1-31 for consideration at gcsnc.schoolmint.net



    Per Board Policy 4150, Student Assignment has the authority to approve or deny requests for releases based upon the following factors:

    1. documented medical reasons,

    2. documented evidence of extreme and unusual hardship which affects the student's achievement and/or behavior,

    3. change of domicile during the school year, and

    4. program availability.

    Releases for the 2024-2025 school year will begin May 1 - 31.  This will be an online process through SchoolMint.  Please go to gcsnc.schoolmint.net to create an account.

    Procedure for Requesting Release:

    1. Applications for releases must be made by the parent or legal guardian between May 1 - 31. 

    2. Student Assignment shall notify the parents, legal guardian, or legal custodian and the other school system of the decision in writing.

    Appeal to the Board

    If the application for release is denied, the applicant may, within five (5) days after receiving notice of the denial, apply to Student Assignment for a hearing with a Board of Education panel in writing on the question of the release of the child to a different school district.