• This page displays Power BI Reports available to School Staff.  Please contact your school's Data Coach if you have questions.


    Principals, APs, CFs/MCLS have access to school-wide or grade level data. Teachers only have access to their students.



    Access the Data Analytics Power BI App


    Step-by-step instructions for finding the Power BI web portal.


    View the Data Calendar:  a living document with access instructions, guiding questions, and suggested user information on data sources in the district.


    Available Reports:

    Interim Assessment Data shows student performance for Interim Assessment at the item and standard level, overall average percent correct for District, School, and selected subgroups. It also shows EVAAS projected stanines for students and item stanines; this provides an opportunity to identify how students performed on the questions they were expected to answer correctly. 


    Early Literacy Report shows an overview of the different literacy assessment and their subtest or skills assessed. This report could also show Core Phonics and Heggerty data if schools utilize specific data collection forms that connect to this report.


    2020 Historical Data shows a variety of previous years data points for students. This report provides the opportunity to look at past data to enhance the testing history of students as teachers draw inferences about students potential and current performance.


    MTSS Support shows literacy data points for current school year to offer the opportunity to filter data following the GCS Standard Treatment Protocol (STP). This report also contains embedded documents that support the identification. 


    EVAAS Roster Verification shows important dates for the different roster verification windows (Admin, Teacher, and School Phase), along with instructions to follow to comply with SAS roster verification requirements. Reports for each window displays the time left until the completion of that specific window and disappear once the window closes.