• Hellow, world. We are digital citizens.


    Students are taught digital citizenship skills throughout their time in GCS. Lesson topics include:

    • Communicating with respect,
    • Protecting personal information,
    • Respecting other’s privacy,
    • Following copyright laws and practicing safe and ethical behavior,
    • Determining the validity of websites and other online sources.

    As students are exposed to more and more online content and have access to information from a variety of sources, it is also important that they be able to see things from another perspective, add helpful information/context to online discussions, support others by offering useful and encouraging feedback.

    The digital citizenship lessons students engage in are aligned to the ISTE Digital Citizenship Standards for Students.

    Helping children navigate the digital world can be difficult and confusing. These resources offer tips and tools for families who have questions about safe and ethical online practices. 

    For more information about digital citizenship and online safety lessons and resources, contact your school library media coordinator.