• MTSS Critical Components

    North Carolina State Policies

    By July 1 2020, NC 1503-2.5(d)(11) requires that the following selected essential components of a multi-tiered system of support must be in place when considering identification of students with specific learning disabilities:

    1. A system of high-quality core instruction and scientific research-based intervention;
    2. Multiple tiers of instruction that vary in intensity, matched to student need;
    3. A systematic process of problem-solving/data-based decision making; and
    4. A comprehensive, balanced assessment system that includes: common formative assessments, interim/benchmark assessments, outcome assessments, universal screening, progress monitoring and diagnostic assessments.


    Components of MTSS

    MTSS is comprised of 6 critical components:

    1. Leadership and shared responsibilities
    2. Building capacity and infrastructure for implementation
    3. Communication and collaboration
    4. Three-tiered instruction and intervention model
    5. Data-based problem solving
    6. Data-Evaluation

    NC MTSS addresses all students’ attendance, behavioral, social, emotional and academic needs through teaming structures that problem-solve multiple sources of data to remove barriers and address inequalities of student achievement. MTSS is not a quick fix or a temporary solution but is rather an opportunity for long-term change and development for schools valuing innovation and problem solving.


    Implementation Plan

    • Throughout the 2019-2020 school year, schools will participate in virtual trainings on MTSS Structures, Core Instruction, Interventions, and Identifying Specific Learning Disabilities via Canvas.
    • MTSS will also be highlighted throughout district level meetings when necessary via: departmental meetings, SSO meetings, administrator meetings, cabinet meetings, CF meetings etc..
    • Schools are required to train staff on MTSS and provide updates to their school improvement plans.