A GCS teacher and her students build cars from kits.

DonorsChoose.org Projects: Roadmap for Success

  • Creating a successful DonorsChoose.org project is pretty easy, and lots of fun when you discover your project is fully funded!

    District Guidelines

    Photos of students are not allowed on DonorsChoose. This applies even to students with signed release forms – because those forms relate to GCS sites, GCSTV, and other district materials. (See below for ideas on creating strong social media photos.)

    Describe students and classrooms in a respectful manner. Use strengths-based, results-focused language to talk about the achievements your students make and how your funded project will help them reach even higher. 

    Align with the Strategic Plan. Consider how your project promotes Strategic Plan 2020: Ignite Learning goals and priorities. Our vision for student success should drive our development efforts. 

    Complete the required pre-approval and post-project reporting. Grants and DonorsChoose Project Approval and Outcome Forms are located under the Site Shortcuts on the Grants Acquisition homepage. 


    Tips for Success

    Good project art! Check out these simple tips from digital advertising firm Ocreative Design. Do you have good artists in your class? Seek their ideas for a bold, colorful illustration. Are you funding take-home readers? Take a picture of your current shelf with a space where the new books will go that has a bright sign reading “Your gift goes here! :) ” Get creative!

    Do your homework. Explore the links on the Professional Learning Opportunities page about successful DonorsChoose.org projects. 

    Post early! August and September are the busiest DonorsChoose.org months. 

    Read this FAQ page for teachers from DonorsChoose: