• Parent Information about Private Testing

    For students currently enrolled in GCS:

    Families may pursue individualized aptitude or achievement testing through a private contract with a licensed psychologist authorized to administer such tests. Parents who elect to pursue evaluation through the services of a private source knowingly do so at their own personal expense. Parents should consult with the school's AG teacher/TAG Chairperson before pursuing private testing. A Private Testing Prior Notification Form must be completed and turned in to the AG Teacher/TAG Chairperson at your child's school prior to private testing.

    A private test score may be submitted for only ONE criterion:

    • Aptitude/intelligence
    • Reading comprehension achievement
    • Math reasoning/problem solving achievement
    • Science achievement
    • Social Studies achievement

    The student must have scored at least 70th percentile on the corresponding GCS-administered assessment. A private test score report may be submitted only once.

    The AG Department does not guarantee that private test scores will be used for eligibility consideration if notification was not provided to the AG Teacher /TAG Chairperson of the school based TAG prior to the day of testing.

    The AG Department will consider data taken from an official score report provided directly from the the licensed psychologist to the AG Department. The report must include the licensed psychologist's signature and license number. A parent’s copy of the score report will not be accepted. 

    Once processed, the score report will be shared with the AG Teacher /TAG Chairperson.  The school's TAG team may then evaluate the data as part of the student’s total body of evidence to determine eligibility for AG service. A private test score will be considered during the established AG screening and evaluation windows that occur at the beginning, middle, and end of each school year. Private test scores submitted between screening windows will be processed and held until the next screening and evaluation window.

    AG Evaluation Windows

    • Beginning  : 1st Day of School - 30th Day of School 
    • Middle : Mid Oct (Receipt of CogAT score date)  - January 31 
    • End: Private testing accepted only for students who are eligible for VS consideration. 

    A private test score must be from the most current edition of a test designed for individual administration and in the form of a national percentile.  The AG Department does not accept scores from group tests from private test administrators. The AG Department does not accept scores from brief or short versions of tests.

    The AG Department will accept a full-scale IQ age percentile score. In cases where the licensed psychologist deems the General Ability Index (GAI) score to be a more accurate measure of the student’s ability, the AG Department will consider the GAI percentile score, but only if it has been provided and is recommended for use in the body of the official score report. The AG Department will not calculate scores of any tests administered by any entity outside of our own AG Department.

    The AG Department will accept the age percentile score from specific test clusters and subtests of achievement data that specifically assess reading comprehension (for consideration in reading/language arts) and math reasoning/problem solving (for consideration in mathematics).

    Broad scores and brief scores will not be considered for AG eligibility.

    The AG Department reserves the right to refuse private test scores upon discovery of unethical testing practices including, but not limited to, taking the same test more than once in a calendar year. The AG Department reserves the right to reverse eligibility decisions based on unethical testing practices.


    Next steps for parents of students currently enrolled in GCS:

    1. Schedule a conference with the AG Teacher/TAG Chairperson at your child's school to discuss your interest in AG service for your child and obtain guidance on private testing. 
    2. Schedule an appointment with a local licensed psychologist.
    3. Before the appointment, complete and submit the Private Testing Prior Notification form to the AG Teacher/TAG Chairperson at your child's school. 
    4. At the testing appointment, parent/guardian must sign a release granting the psychologist permission to send the official score report directly to:


    Priscilla Toon

    Academically Gifted Department

    501 W. Washington St.

    Greensboro, NC 27401

    Phone: (336) 370-8361


    The score report must include the licensed psychologist's signature and licensing number. Once the report is received and processed by the  AG Department, it will be shared with the AG Teacher/TAG Chairperson at the child's school to be used for eligibility decision.

    Next steps for students new to GCS:

    If you are seeking information about private testing for your child who currently attends school outside of the Guilford County Schools system (i.e., private school, charter school, home school, school in another county, state, or country, etc.), refer to the New to Guilford County Schools tab in the menu to the left for additional information.

    For additional details regarding private testing, click here