Booster Clubs and Support Organization Approval Requirements

  • *Group leaders: Please remember the deadline for submitting materials is August 1 or 30 days prior to any fundraising activities for your group.

    Policy KD - Booster Clubs and Other Support Organizations requires groups that represent themselves to the community as raising funds on behalf of or in support of schools in GCS to register with the district annually before beginning any fundraising activities for the year. This policy includes athletic booster clubs, alumni associations, band boosters, groups supporting the arts, PTAs and other groups that organize to fundraise for schools.

    Read Policy KD

    Read Procedure KD-P

    Leaders of organizations that fall within the requirements of this policy should contact the Office of Athletics and Driver's Education by email ( or phone (336-370-8950) for assistance. 

    The registration process includes submitting the following materials by email to ( no later than August 1st of each school year OR 30 days before any fundraising activities are planned to begin for the school year:

    • Signed and notarized Booster Club/Support Organization Agreement (principal's signature is required)
    • By-laws, charter or constitution of the organization (or other governing document)
    • A list of current officers and officers for the school year approval is sought (if different)
    • Phone numbers and addresses of all officers listed
    • Evidence of the tax identification number or employer ID number (EIN) – the school’s ID cannot be used
    • Evidence that the organization is a registered or unincorporated not-for-profit organization (Submit one of the following items.)
      • Registered Non-Profit: Approval letter from state or federal tax authority (IRS or NC Dept. of Revenue) establishing non-profit status - or-
      • Unincorporated Non-Profit: Affidavit of Status as an Unincorporated Non-Profit
    • Completed Facility Use Application (available here) if using the concession stand and/or school facilities for group meetings or fundraising activities. (NEW)

    Additionally, each group must submit the following documentation to the principal and district Director of Athletics and Driver's Education by Oct. 15 of each school year:

    • Fundraising and expenditure plan for the upcoming school year, including all proposed activities planned for the fiscal year
    • Any changes or amendments to the plan should be submitted prior to the beginning of any fundraising efforts.

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Approved for 2021-22 School Year

  • Last Updated: November 2, 2021

    • Ben L Smith Varsity Swim Team Boosters
    • James B. Dudley Band Boosters, Inc.
    • Jamestown Middle School Music Booster Club
    • Northwest Guilford Swim Team Boosters
    • Penn-Griffin Arts Boosters, Inc.
    • Southern Guilford High School Athletic Booster Club