Transitioning from Wisdomwhere to Performance Matters

  • Wisdomwhere sunset on October 31, 2018.  Beginning October 15th, 2018 all courses have been entered and managed via the new Performance Matters Platform.  Educators will now register for sessions in Performance Matters.  Educators can view five years of historical CEU data in their Performance Matters transcript, but as always the only official transcript is on the Employee Self Service portal which is also linked on the Employee Webpage.

How do I find Performance Matters - Professional Learning?

  • Performance Matters - Professional Learning can be found:

    • On your start menu, the window pane located on the bottom left of your desktop.  Open the start menu, and look for Performance Matters - Professional Learning
    • Linked on the district staff page.
    • Linked on the right hand side of the Professional Learning Webpage under Hot Links
    • Using the direct link

    Performance Matters - Professional Learning uses single sign-on.  Your district credentials for your email username and password are what you would use to sign-on to Performance Matters if you were not logged onto a district computer.

How to Navigate Performance Matters

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