GCS Scope and Sequence

  • On this page, you will find the scope and sequence documents created for Guilford County Schools' Social Studies courses, K-12. These documents provide guidance for what NC Social Studies standards should be taught within which units, how much time teachers should spend on those units, and essential concepts that should be addressed in grade-level appropriate ways throughout that unit. 

    In the elementary school scope and sequence, K-2 materials are aligned with our literacy curriculum - noting where social studies concepts can be taught in reinforce learning in both content areas. Third through 5th grade follow their own scope and sequence. Middle school highlights the scope and sequence of grades 6-8, with 6th and 7th focusing on world history. 8th grade covers US and NC history.

    Our high school scope and sequence document only includes our four core social studies courses. The scope and sequence for a number of major social studies electives (outside of AP social studies and history courses) are currently being developed.