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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My child does not have a bus stop; how do I get one and how long will it take?

    In order to request yellow school bus services, parents should complete the online Transportation Preference Form.  Once completed, this information is sent directly to the Data Manager at your child's school for processing.  Once processed at the school level, your transportation preferences are automatically forwarded to the Transportation Department.  Transportation requests may take 3-5 business days to complete. 

    How do I obtain my child's bus information?

    Parents may obtain their child's bus information by using any of the methods below:

    1)   Parents are encouraged to sign-up for Here Comes the Bus (HCTB).  HTCB is a school bus tracking app that shows the real-time location of the bus.  It provides scheduled and actual arrival times at home and school, as well as push and email notifications when the bus is near your child’s stop.  You can access bus information by logging into your “Here Comes the Bus” account or by visiting the website  and downloading the app from the App Store or Google play and using code 87491 to create an account. 

    2)   PowerSchool Parent Portal - Parents/guardians must sign up to access bus assignment information.  To register for the PowerSchool Parent Portal, parents will need their child’s Student ID number (student’s lunch number and NCEdCloud username, which is used for remote learning.)

    3)   2021-2022 Bus Assignment Locator - Sign in to view your child's bus stop information.  The student's last name and Student ID number are required.  

    4)   You can also obtain bus information by contacting your child's school.

    What time should my child get to the bus stop?

    Students should be ready and waiting for the bus at least 10 minutes before the bus is expected to arrive. Actual stop times will vary during the first few weeks of school. We urge parents to be patient as routes settle. Unexpected traffic congestion could also cause buses to be delayed. In the event that your child's bus is considerably delayed, please contact your child's zone-specific transportation office

    We moved and need to change my child’s address. How do I do this?

    If your family has moved, you will need to contact your child's school to update your address and request a change in transportation.  

    My child has never ridden the bus, but a bus already comes to my neighborhood; can my child just get on the bus?

    For the safety of each child riding a bus in our district, we do not allow students without a confirmed assignment on a school bus. Please contact your child's school to request transportation.

     My child’s bus has not shown up and/or is late; who can I call?

    Parents are encouraged to sign-up for Here Comes The Bus (HCTB).  Here Comes The Bus is a school bus tracking app that shows the real-time location of the bus. It provides scheduled and actual arrival times at home and school, as well as push and email notifications when the bus is near.  Registration is required.  Registration information can be accessed here.    


    The Transportation Department has 11 dedicated offices across the district to serve Guilford County Schools. Each office is assigned schools within its zone. These offices have the most up-to-date information on your child’s bus. Your zone-specific office should be called if you experience a late bus. You may find zone office information on our webpage or by clicking here.

     Why are buses sometimes late?

    School bus drivers can have the same reasons as all drivers for being late. Traffic delays, weather conditions, accidents or illness are just a few reasons. School buses can also experience mechanical breakdowns that may cause delays in picking students up on time. In cases where the regularly assigned bus or driver is unable to pick up students, a separate bus and driver are dispatched to pick up the students as quickly as possible. If you have specific questions about your student’s bus, please contact the transportation area office that serves your child’s school.

     If the bus is late, will my child be marked tardy?

    No.  Students are not marked tardy if their school bus arrives late to school. Our goal is to ensure on-time arrival each day. We understand that when buses are delayed it disrupts the student’s educational day.

     Why are buses delayed at the start of the school year?

    As many students transition to new schools and new buses, delays can sometimes occur when a new schedule is provided to the driver. Keep in mind delays can also occur as a result of items outside of the control of the driver such as traffic, construction, etc.

     How do bus drivers receive communication on the bus?

    All buses have two-way radios so the driver can be contacted or call for help. They are also equipped with GPS systems to help locate vehicles in the rare event of an emergency. GPS allows the Transportation team to track and monitor on-time arrival.

     Do school buses have seatbelts?

    Some GCS buses are equipped with seatbelts. School buses transporting Pre-K students must use safety restraint systems while on the bus. 

    How soon can I submit a request for an alternate stop?

    If you need to change the morning or afternoon bus stop for your child, you may do so by contacting your child's school.  

     Are parents and/or authorized persons required to accompany a Pre-K student at a bus stop?

    Parents and/or an authorized person are required to accompany a Pre-K-aged student at the bus stop. A bus driver may not release a Pre-K child from the bus unless this person(s) is present at the bus stop. Students in grades K-3 must have an adult (parent/guardian), present at the bus stop in order to be discharged from the bus. 

    All other students, grades 4-12, may wait for the bus and be discharged from the bus without the presence of an adult and/or authorized responsible party.

    When do I need to contact my child's school about transportation? 

    Please contact the school regarding transportation if your child is:

    • Starting school for the first time. (Kindergarten student)
    • When your child is transitioning to another school. (Elementary to Middle or Middle to High)
    • When you have moved to another address.