• Please note the timeline below for fall and spring administration of CDM. Application and Phase I Assessment Windows are fixed; Phase I results and Phase II assessment window and results may adjust dependent upon receipt of scores from Phase I, student scheduling for Phase II assessment, and panelist availability for Phase II. 


    Fall Administration

    Spring Administration

    Summer Administration

    Applications Due


     Phase I Assessment Window

    Late September

    Late February

    End of July

     Phase I Results Delivered Early October

    Beginning of March

    Beginning of August

     Phase II Assessment Window

    Late October - Early November

    Late March to Early April

    Late August - Early September 




    Mid September


  • Students who achieve a minimum score on Phase I move on to Phase II. Students who do not reach the minimum score must register for and complete the course in the traditional way to receive credit. Students who qualify will have the course and credit noted on their transcript. Students who do not qualify may appeal the panel’s decision.

  • Questions? Contact:

    Jonathan Permar
    Director, Social Studies
    Office: (336) 574-2645 ext. 1
    Fax: (336) 370-4207

    501 W. Washington Street
    Greensboro, NC 27401