Dual Language Initiative

    In a Dual Language (DL) classroom, the target language is not taught as a subject; it is the language through which instruction of the core subjects is delivered. Dual Language students achieve mastery of the curriculum objectives in all core content areas while developing proficiency in a second language.

    The DL model selected by our school leaders supports the needs of their respective school communities. Communities with native Spanish speaking, Urdu speaking or English language learner populations can benefit from the two-way DL model we are implementing since it promotes academic achievement through enrichment rather than remediation. Native English-speaking students also benefit from the academic rigor inherent in learning through another language.

Structure of Our Model

  •  Students

    • Both English Speakers and English Learners (ELs). As close as possible to half and half. Integrating both English speakers and English language learners promotes positive intergroup attitudes and relations that can increase student engagement and positively impact ELs self-esteem while giving English Speakers a unique opportunity to learn about other cultures.

    Language Goals

    • For English Speakers: Native levels of oral and written competence in English and advanced functional competence in Spanish language.
    • For ELs: Native levels of oral and written competence in their native language and in English.

    Cultural Goals

    • For English Speakers: Understanding and appreciation of the target language cultures, and maintaining and appreciating their home culture.
    • For ELs: Acculturation to US culture while maintaining and appreciating their home culture.

    Academic Goals

    • Grade level proficiency or above on state mandated assessments.

    Time Distribution

    • Classes consist of 50% of the time of instruction in English and 50% in the target language (Spanish or Urdu). Schools will follow an A/B day schedule.


Participating Schools


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