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  • FAQ's


    1. How do I access the Hoonuit online courses? 


    2. How do I register for Hoonuit online courses?

    Visit the Performance Matters course registration site to browse the list of Hoonuit course Pathways/packages available to earn CEU credit. The Hoonuit course Pathways/packages will be listed, along with the required module titles for each Pathway/package.


    3. What is a Hoonuit online course "Pathway" or package?

    Hoonuit "Pathways" or packages are identified courses that have been grouped together around a single topic.


    4. Can I take any course that is visible on the Hoonuit online course platform?

    If you choose to take a Hoonuit course that is not set up for registration on Performance Matters, you will need to submit an Out of District Event Request to receive the credit. Be sure the Hoonuit course you choose has a total time of at least 3 hours. Anything less than 3 hours will not be added to your transcript as CEU credit, per district policy.


    5. Can I earn Digital Learning Competencies CEU credit via the Hoonuit online course platform?

    Yes! However, if you are interested in taking a course to earn Digital Learning Competencies CEU credit, there is a specific list of approved courses (including Hoonuit courses) available via the Blending Learning Department.


    6. How do I earn CEU credit for Hoonuit courses that are not listed for registration in Performance Matters?

    To earn CEU credit for courses NOT offered via the Performance Matters registration site, you will need to submit an Out of District Event Request for each course title.

    • Here is the link to login/request the Outside Event (same place you register for GCS courses): https://gcsnc.truenorthlogic.com
      • Once you have successfully completed the course, be sure to attach the Hoonuit course transcript to your Out of District Event Request. No Out of Districts will be viewed or processed until a course completion certificate/transcript has been attached.


    7. How do I navigate the Hoonuit course platform?

     Directions for navigating Hoonuit can be viewed and/or printed: Download PDF Instructions