• Blended Learning

    The Digital Learning Competencies for NC Teachers are part of licensure renewal requirements. Teachers are required to have earned two Digital Learning Competency CEUs when renewing their license.

    Teachers will need to take at least 2 pathways to obtain enough CEUs to fulfill the DLC requirement. 

    (10 hours = 1CEU) 

    *Use Google Chrome when accessing Infobase/Hoonuit resources*

    Accessing InfobaseHoonuit Courses in Performance Matters

    Instructions for enrollment can be found here. A step-by-step process on how to find your pathways can be found here

    PATHWAY 1 - (10 hours)

    Tech Integration Strategies Engaging Lessons using Multi Media

    PATHWAY 2- (13 Hours)

    How Do I Grow My PLN? Using Technology to Support and Fulfill Student Standards
    TPACK Making of Educational Data

    PATHWAY 3- (12 hours)

    Globally Connecting  Through Video Streaming Being Savvy Online
    Using Live Video for Student Projects  

    PATHWAY 4- (13 Hours)

    Effective PLCs 21st Century Skills Concepts
    PBL Framework Million Dollar Classroom  

    PATHWAY 5- (18 hours)

    Reflective Practices to Improve Instruction Differentiation Techniques and Basics
    Think, Pair, Share Assessment of Learning - How Do They Know?

    PATHWAY 6- (17 hours)

    Professional Responsibility Strategies for Teachers Classroom Management Strategies in the 1:1/BYOD Classroom
    Instructional Video Best Practices How Can Rubrics Improve My Projects and Assessments?

    PATHWAY 7- (10 Hours)

    Cyberbully? No Way, Not Me Pass/Send a Problem
    Nearpod In the Classroom  

    PATHWAY 8- (12 Hours)

    Twitter for Educators Digital Video in the Classroom
    What Do Students Need to Know About Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship Tech for Executive Functioning

    PATHWAY 9- (10 Hours)

    Evaluating Technology Resources Questioning Strategies
    How Do You Know When They've Got It: Effective Formative Assessment  

    PATHWAY 10- (12 Hours)

    It Takes a Village: Partnering with the Community Evaluating Web Resources
    Creating Book Trailers  

    PATHWAY 11- (16 Hours)

    Tech for Students with Dyslexia Tech for Students with Autism
    Tech for Students with Dysgraphia Tech for Students with Learning Disabilities