GCS Professional Learning Events

  • Individual schools or various divisions within the Guilford County Schools often desire to conduct staff development activities which award CEUs to employees who participate in these courses. In such cases, the Professional Learning Department must approve the workshop, before renewal credit can be offered. Requests should be made 3 (three) weeks prior to the start date of the workshop.

    Workshops must meet the following standards:

    • a minimum of three (3) clock hours of direct training by an instructor as of June 11, 2020;
    • workshop meeting times must be a minimum of one (1) hour at a time. CEUs are granted for no more than 6 hours of staff development per day.
    • for all-day workshops, a one-hour lunch break must be provided to all participants. It is not acceptable to cut the lunch break short in order to release participants early from the workshop.
    • for each ten (10) hours in a course, only one (1) of the 10 hours can be an outside assignment. Two (2) hours of homework assignments must be given to earn one hour of instructional credit.
    • content and instructional activities designed in a sequential manner to develop specified competencies of a specific population;
    • must be led by qualified personnel and directly supervised by the sponsoring school unit;
    • credit is granted on the basis of program completion and achievement of specified individual performance, which is determined by individual evaluation of specified competencies.
    • participants who miss more than 30 cumulative minutes of any workshop are not eligible for credit.
    • enrollment is limited to assure accountability of credit granted.
    • participants must register for approved GCS / site-based courses. Participants who attend, but do not register before the last day, will not receive CEU credit.

    Each school will have a designated professional development coordinator who will . . .

    • coordinate all professional development activities for the school
    • provide training and assistance in using the online Professional Learning system to the school's staff
    • submit all Professional Development Activity Requests for the school online
    • assist course instructors with printing Attendance Sheets and Marking Attendance at the end of the course.

    The Professional Development coordinator, designated by the school’s principal, must create the online course description and session information and request approval from the Professional Learning Department. Course approval submissions should be completed three (3) weeks prior to the start date of the workshop.

    Upon approval, the workshop will be posted on the Professional Learning website. Participants should register for the approved GCS workshop prior to the start date of the workshop. Instructors are responsible for marking attendance and managing the roster for their courses.