"No Show" Guidelines

  • Employees, who register for GCS approved courses and fail to unregister for any "credit" or "non-credit" course prior to the start date, will be marked as a No Show participant. Any registrant identified as a No Show participant for two or more courses during a 12-month period will be blocked from registering for GCS courses for six (6) months. Employees may attend courses at their school, as required by the principal, but will not be allowed to enroll in a GCS approved course or receive renewal credit in GCS until the 6-month period has expired.

    In the event of an emergency, participants may email or call the Professional Learning Department on the day of the workshop and ask to be unregistered. Once the course has begun, participants may not unregister and will be identified as a No Show.  Professional Learning will not unregister participants after the course start date.