National Board Certification

  • Guilford County Schools is proud to have 774 National Board Certified Teachers, which ranks our district ninth in the entire nation.

    National Board Certification is the highest credential in the teaching profession. It is a voluntary and rigorous process that measures what a teacher knows and is able to do. It validates you as a professional and it helps you achieve the Highly Qualified Teacher status under the No Child Left Behind Act. It is also an incredible professional development experience and it makes a difference in the classroom.

    Research shows that students of National Board Certified Teachers perform better on tests, especially in reading and math, and that being taught by an NBCT can equal an extra month of school. The process will also assist you as a professional in working with all students.

    The National Board of Professional Teaching Standards currently offers 25 certificates in a variety of developmental areas.



    New Resource: A Self Guided Support Workbook

    Since 2001, the UNCW Watson School of Education has supported National Board candidates at all stages of the journey, from pre-candidacy through the initial candidate process and into more advanced stages of candidacy, including certificate renewal.  During this time, the participants in the Watson School program have provided overwhelming positive feedback on their growth as both candidates and teachers as a result of the support offered.  This workbook, based on the UNCW Watson School of Education support program, provides meaningful, self-paced support to those candidates who are not involved in candidate support or who prefer to work individually. The steps in the book are not specific to one certificate area, but guide the thinking and growth of candidates in areas that are pertinent to all content and development certificates.  Please click here (  for more information.


    Renewal Information

    All certified NBCT’s looking for information about the renewal process can visit for more information. You have two years before your certificate expires to apply for recertification. Please note: the state does not offer any financial support to cover the renewal cost.

    Employees receiving initial National Board Certification

    • Will receive a “full renewal cycle” of Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
    • Send a copy of your congratulatory letter from NBPTS to the Staffing Office
      • Indicate whether you want your CEUs included in your current renewal cycle or “bank” the CEUs for your next renewal cycle
      • You cannot use portions of the NBPTS CEU credit for the current renewal cycle and “bank” a portion for the next cycle.

    Employees renewing National Board Certification

    • Will receive two (2) Continuing Education Units
    • Send a copy of your congratulatory letter from NBPTS to the Staffing Office
      • CEUs cannot be “banked” and must be used during the current cycle

    For more information, visit the NC DPI webpage concerning NBPTS at