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  • Welcome to GCS, where we strive to ensure we provide the best educational opportunities for each of our students. 

     Each student enrolled in Guilford County Schools is assigned
     to an elementary, middle or high school in one of four ways:

    1.  based on the attendance are in which the student's
       parent(s) or court-appointed guardian/custodian resides,
    2.  through application to a magnet or
       high school option program,
    3.  through the reassignment process as
       detailed in Board of Education policy JBCC, or
    4.  through compliance with federal laws.

     Student assignment is based on the following guidelines:

    1. Domicile of parent(s) or court-appointed
      guardian/custodian (where you live)

    2. Discovery and development of individual
      student's gifts and talents

    3.  Parent choice of the appropriate educational
       program for the child

    4.  Efficient use of facilities

    5.  Determination by school staff that student meets the
       criteria of homeless children and youth as
       defined by the McKinney-Vento
       Homeless Assistance Act of 2001

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    Rashad Slade
    Executive Director of Student Assignment 

    Michelle Griffin
    Student Assignment Manager

    Jay Horney
    Program Administrator


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    Kathy Childress
    Marian Spruill


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