Philosophy and Goals

  • The philosophy of Guilford County Schools' Early Learning Department is that young children learn by doing. Learning is sequential and children must demonstrate readiness for new understanding based on their maturation and past experiences. Children make sense of the real world through interaction with materials and real people.

    Learning should be the outcome of hands-on experiences, especially play. The social interaction made possible through play is the most powerful tool available to children. A richly prepared environment in which children are given opportunities to discover, solve problems, hear stories/rhymes/poems, build, sing, manipulate, explore and construct, stimulates the child's natural curiosity to learn.

    Children grow and develop at their own pace. Growth is sequential; one learning experience builds upon the next. Teachers address the needs of the individual child by providing activities which foster physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. Careful consideration is given to avoid placing more emphasis on one area than on another; all of the major areas working together, in harmony, support the development of the whole child.

    All GCS classrooms implement the Creative Curriculum along with the Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment tool.