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  • Guilford County Schools seeks to inspire and encourage individuals to embrace a life of health, wellness and fitness. Employees have access to a variety of resources throughout the year to support a healthier lifestyle. Program information is published throughout the year.  


    Not just for our employees, but also for their families!

    We’re all educators and want the best for our students and our own children. Ever get asked, what can families do to support the healthy development of pre-school aged children? Well, this is for you. Use this information with your own children, your family, and with your community.  

    FREE Researched-Based Information for our Educators with young children

    Science shows that 80% of brain growth happens by the age of 3! Beginning from birth, young

    brains develop like little muscles, getting bigger and stronger the more you and your family interact with your child. The Basics are five fun, simple, and powerful ways to help all  children aged 0-5 maximize their brain development in order to be ready for school and ready for life. Here are The Basics:

    ·         Maximize Love, Manage Stress

    ·         Talk, Sing and Point

    ·         Count, Group and Compare

    ·         Explore Through Movement and Play

    ·         Read and Discuss Stories


    Help us make The Basics the common language of caregiving! Learn more about The Basics Guilford, opt in to free weekly text messages that provide creative ideas for doing The Basics every day, or watch a quick Basics overview.



    Guilford County Schools Launches Virtual Mental Health Counseling for Staff


    Unfortunately at this moment, there is a substantial wait time for scheduling E-Therapy services, therefore we can no longer process new referrals. Please refer to your State Health Plan: Behavioral Health Resource Center where you can find information on free resources and how to self-refer for services through Headway Behavioral Health. If this is an emergency or you need to see someone immediately, please call 911 or visit the nearest hospital or behavioral health center.  


    Behavioral Health Resource Center | NC State Health Plan ( 






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