Insurance Carrier Contact Information

  • We value each of our district’s 10,000+ employees and strive to provide effective and timely service. Much of the information you may need is available online, 24 hours a day. We encourage you to take advantage of the information and forms provided on this site. If you are unable to find the answer to your question(s) online, please contact the assigned staff member, providing your name, social security number (if research is required), contact information and the nature of your request.

    Provider List 

    Assurity Cancer (Prior to 1/1/2012)
    Toll-Free Number: (866) 286-7337
    Wellness Claims:(888) 358-8808 ext.23
    Group Number: A009

    Allstate Cancer (Previous - ended 12/31/2020)
    Customer Care Center Number: (800) 521-3535
    Claims Fax Number: (866) 424-8482

    Manhattan Life/Bay Bridge Administrators, LLC;  Cancer (Current as of 1/1/2021)
    Customer Care Center Number: (800) 845-7519
    Claims Fax Number: (512) 275-9530 

    Contact Appropriate Carrier 
    Dental/Direct Reimbursement
    Benefit Plan Services
    Customer Service Number: (336) 889-2003 
    Dental/Ameritas Dental Plan
    Confidential Phone Number: (800) 487-5553 
    Disability/Short Term Disability Plan
    OneAmerica / AUL Life
    Customer Service Number: (800) 553-5318
    Claims Number: (866) 258-8744 / (855) 517-6365
    Claims Fax Number: (207) 591-3048 / (844) 287-9499
    Disability Claims Email: /
    Address: Custom Disability Solutions
                    PO Box 9060
                    Portland, ME 04104

    Previous Disability Plan
    Standard Life
    Customer Service Number: (800) 227-0251
    Group Number: T065

    Employee Support
    MetLife Resources for Comfort & Support
    Phone Number: (855) 609-9989
    Username: MetLife
    Password: grief

    Flexible Spending Accounts
    Flexible Benefit Administrators (NEW)
    Toll-free:(800) 437-3539
    Phone:(757) 340-4567
    Fax :(757) 431-1155
    Address: 2875 Sabre Street, Suite 300
    Post Office Box 8188
    Virginia Beach, VA 23450

    Flexible Spending Accounts
    Group No. S2555
    Customer Service Number: (800) 445-7227  ext. 883
    Claims Fax Number: (800) 635-1329
    Mail Claims to: Claims Processing Center
                             PO Box 25123
                             Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-5123

    NC State Health Plan Insurance
    Blue Cross Blue Shield State of NC
    Customer Service Number: (888) 234-2416 
    Group Number: S27053
    Prescription Questions: (888)321-3124
    NC Health Smart: (800)817-7044
    Eligibility and Enrollment Support Center: (855)859-0966
    To Enroll or Make Changes Website: 
    Hospital Indemnity (voluntary)
    Professional Insurance Company (PIC) 
    Customer Service Number: (800) 289-1122
    Legal and Identity Theft Protection
    Pre-Paid Legal Services
    Group No. 121660
    Customer Service Number: (800) 654-7757 
    Life Insurance (Term)
    Metropolitan Life Insurance
    Customer Service Number: (800) 638-6420  |  MetLife Grief Counseling Info Sheet
    Funeral Discount & Planning Services: or Call 1-866-853-0954
    Life Insurance (Whole)
    Texas Life Insurance Company
    Customer Service Number: (800) 283-9233 , Prompt #3

    Pet Insurance:
    Customer Service Number: (800) 540-2016

    Vision Insurance:
    Superior Vision
    Customer Service Number: (800) 507-3800
    GCS Group Number: 27681 
    Medicare and Medical Programs
    US Government
    Prescription Drugs
    Customer Phone Number: (888) 321-3124 
    State of North Carolina
    Customer Service Number: (877) 627-3287
    Social Security
    US Social Security Administration 
    Customer Service Number: (336) 854-1809
    State Employees Credit Union
    Customer Service Number: (888) 732-8562
    401(k) Plan
    Prudential Retirement
    Customer Service Number: (866) 627-5267
    403(b) Plan
    TCG Administrators
    TCG Customer Service Number: (800) 943-9179
    TCG  Website: TCG 403(b) Plan Instructions

    457(b) Plan
    Prudential Retirement
    Customer Service Number: (866) 627-5267

    FLEX BENEFITS, Mark III Customer Care Call Center Contact Number : (844) 774-6432