• Change of Address During the School Year
    Students whose domicile changes from one school attendance area to another within the district during the same school year may choose to complete that school year in the same school or attend school in the area to which they have moved.

    If families elect to remain in the first school in order to complete that year, the student shall be required to attend the school according to the area in which they live at the beginning of the next school year. Students who elect to remain in the first school shall be responsible for their own transportation to and from school.

    How to update your address

    Address changes should be provided to the school at the time in which they occur, either in-person or online.

    Option 1 (in-person):

    1. Inform the school that you have moved to a new address.

    2. Provide proof of residence for your new address. Items that qualify for proof of residence can be found here

    Option 2 (online):

    1. Update your address in SchoolMint at gcsnc.schoolmint.net.

    2. Once the address is updated in SchoolMint, parents/guardians will be given the option for the student to remain at the current school or attend the school in the new attendance zone.

    3. Proof of residence must be uploaded to the SchoolMint account at this time. Items that qualify for proof of residence can be found here

    Click here to view a video to assist with changing your address using the online application system.

    Please contact the Student Assignment Office if you have any questions at 336-370-8303.