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  • With 66 magnet and choice programs across the district, Guilford County Schools is a nationwide leader in providing a variety of educational options for students and their parents. Designed with the belief that children learn differently and may thrive in different environments, GCS magnet programs nurture the seeds of talent and interest that exist within a child naturally, while still providing a first-rate education in traditional subject areas. 


    What is a magnet?

    Magnet schools, so called because they “pull” students from a wide area, are designed to reach students who have similar interests and talents by providing a specialized curriculum in addition to the standard subjects taught at each grade level. Magnets help get students excited about learning by finding what motivates each child and helping that interest develop and flourish during the K-12 years. Magnet schools are free as part of the public school system.


    Points of pride

    • STEM Early College at N.C. A & T was recognized as a North Carolina STEM School of Distinction in 2019.
    • In 2019, five new Career and Technical Signature Academies were created at the following schools:
      • The Academy of Biomedical and Specialized Health at the Academy at Smith
      • The Academy of Computer and Information Science at Kearns Academy
      • The Academy of Computer and Information Science at Northeast High School
      • The Academy of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering at Smith High School
      • The Academy of Transportation, Distribution and Logistics at Western High School
    • The Early College at Guilford was named a National Blue Ribbon School in 2016.
    • Eleven high schools achieved 100% graduation rates in 2016, all of which were magnet schools --
      • The Middle College at Bennett
      • The Middle College at GTCC-Greensboro
      • The Middle College at GTCC-High Point
      • The Middle College at N.C. A&T
      • The Middle College at UNCG
      • Penn-Griffin School for the Arts
      • STEM Early College at A&T
      • The Academy at Central
      • The Academy at Smith
      • The Early College at Guilford
      • Weaver Academy
    • The Middle College at Bennett was named a National School of Character in 2015.
    • The Advanced Placement Capstone Academy at Western High is the state’s first Advanced Placement Capstone program
    • Johnson Street Global Studies was named 2015 Magnet School of Excellence by Magnet Schools of America.
    • The STEM Early College at North Carolina A&T State University won a state championship for real-world design and engineering.

    How to apply

    The application window for the 2020-2021 school year is February 5 - March 4, 2020. Applications are submitted electronically through an online application portal which will be available beginning February 5.  Applications must be submitted by a parent or guardian, not the student. Criteria vary depending on the type of school and grade level. Any child living in Guilford County is eligible to apply. 


    “Magnet schools boast more parental and community involvement, more personalization through theme-based education, and specialized programs that create a shared sense of community that leads to a safer environment for learning.” – Magnet Schools of America