Professional Learning Policies

    1. Participants must register for approved GCS/site-based courses. Any person who attends a course but does not register before the last day of the course will not receive CEU credit. Participants have until the last day of the workshop to register.
    2. Credit cannot be awarded to participants for leadership committee meetings, accreditation committees, project teams, field trips, or for workshops offered during planning periods.
    3. Workshops must meet the following criteria:
      • CEUs are awarded based on the number of hours of training:
        • five hours = .5 CEUs
        • six hours = .6 CEUs
        • ten hours = 1.0 CEUs, etc.
      • as of June 11, 2020, trainings must be a minimum of three (3) clock hours of direct instruction:
      • workshop meeting times must be a minimum of one (1) hour at a time;
      • CEUs are granted for no more than 6 hours of staff development per day;
      • CEUs are granted for no more than 10 hours of staff development per day during a virtual conference;
      • for each 6 hours in a course, only one (1) of the 6 hours can be an outside assignment of at least two (2) hours;
      • content and instructional activities must be designed in sequential manner to develop specified competencies of a specific population;
      • trainings must be led by qualified personnel and directly supervised by the sponsoring school unit;
      • credit is granted on the basis of program completion and achievement of specified individual performance, which is determined by individual evaluation of specified competencies;
      • participants who miss more than 30 cumulative minutes of any workshop are not eligible for credit;
      • courses must meet minimum enrollment requirements set by the instructors;
      • participants must register for approved GCS/site based courses;
      • participants who attend, but do not register before the last day, will not receive CEU credit; and,
      • for all-day workshops, a one-hour lunch break must be provided to all participants; it is not acceptable to cut the lunch break short in order to release participants early from the workshop.
    4. Substitutes, tutors, retired personnel, and non-GCS employees may register for courses if space is available, but available seats will be given to full-time GCS employees first.  Some courses are designed specifically for GCS personnel; therefore, they are not open to non-GCS employees. Online courses are not available to non-GCS employees.
    5. Site-based make-up policies are set by the schools. If a course is taught at a school, the make-up policy is set by that school.
    6. Credit for National Board Certification is handled through the Staffing Department of the GCS Human Resources division.
    7. Earning CEUs is a professional responsibility.  It is not appropriate for children to attend workshops. In addition, children cannot be left unattended in adjacent rooms while parents attend workshops.