• When and where were you a part of WGHS?

    I was a student at WGHS for four years and graduated in ’16.

    What was your favorite part of WGHS?

    My favorite part about WGHS was the ability to see my friends and teachers every day. I now realize that it was a unique opportunity to have everyone together in the same place for so long.

    What advice do you have for current students?

    I advise current students to work hard now because it has a snowball effect. You are all in the earliest stage of your career, and setting yourself up for success now will put you on a trajectory to achieve even more later. Whether this is going to college, planning for your own business, or becoming proficient in your passion of choice, it all stands on hard work.



    Alex, WGHS class of 16, is at N.C. State University in an accelerated bachelor-master program. He will earn an undergraduate Microbiology, B.S. in Spring ‘20 and a Master of Microbial Biotechnology in Spring ’21. Four of his five years at N.C. State were funded thanks to the generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Ann Goodnight with the Goodnight Scholarship—a scholarship program awarded to middle-to-low-income students that graduate from an N.C. high school.

    During his time at N.C. State, Alex has traveled abroad to France to study French for six weeks and to Peru to climb Machu Picchu. He has also worked at a small startup company in Morrisville, NC, called Arbiom that turns wood into food to support sustainability efforts.

    Currently, Alex works at another small company in Morrisville, NC, called BioMedomics that makes a rapid detection test for COVID19 and is capable of yielding results in 15 minutes. He leads a small team of ten interns responsible for supporting client communications and assisting with manufacturing.

    This coming summer, he will move to Charlotte and join Deloitte consulting as part of their summer scholar program. During his internship, he will get a chance to experience what it is like working as a consultant before he commits to it full-time after graduation.

Image of Alex Rojas