• I graduated from WGHS in the class of 2015. I was a part of NHS, Beta club and one of the founding members for the G.E.N.T.S. club. I also played on the soccer team for WGHS junior year.

    I currently work as a Financial Planning & Data Analyst for Volvo Financial Services.

    My favorite part about WGHS are the teachers. Their passion for teaching and the learning environment they create is very effective and engaging which is terrific because it sparks creativity in our leaders of tomorrow. 

    Learn with passion, engage with confidence and be proactive about achieving your goals and aspirations because this is just the beginning of the journey that will bring about many paths to choose from. Your time in high school will fly by so make sure to get the most of it!




    I moved to the US in 2009 and attended middle school in a suburb of Chicago. In 2011 I moved to Greensboro and started school at WGHS. During high school I became a part of NHS, Beta club, Savers club and played soccer for WGHS. Additionally, I along with a few of my friends were approached by Mr. Dargan to help kick off the G.E.N.T.S. club which became an important priority for me during high school. Simultaneously, in high school, I became familiar with programming and learned that computer science was of particular interest to me. I learned to program multiple game servers and sold them off as I was graduating high school due to time constraints. I started college at UNCG initially majoring in Computer science but later marking that as a minor and adding 2 new majors of Accounting and Finance. I switched into business majors because I realized that I enjoyed interacting with people a lot more as opposed to working by myself as a programmer. After switching majors I joined the spartan investment club as well as the American Marketing Association to further engage myself in major areas of business. They helped me acclimate myself to business expectations and environments I would come across later on. Halfway through college I started an internship working as a Marketing Analyst for Volvo Group which I ended up continuing for the remainder of my college semesters. I also became a part of Campus Greensboro during summer 2019 which connected me with many of the business professionals of Greensboro as well as some key leaders. Additionally, it helped me explore Greensboro to depths I never had before, allowing me to appreciate this city even more. On December 13th which happened to be my graduation day, my last day of the internship as well as my birthday; I received a job offer for my current role as a Financial Planning & Data Analyst. If you see me around town, come say hi and feel free to ask questions or learn more about my experiences.

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