Image of Principal G. Newlin
  • Gregory A. Newlin, Principal


    A smart steal from the Hoosier State and returning home to NC, Gregory A. Newlin, a former basketball player and coach most recently working in Indianapolis, is happy to have returned to the basketball-steeped culture of ACC country. And although he’s not playing or coaching now, Newlin still considers himself a competitive person, just maybe not the way you think. He’s not obsessed over wins and losses or agonized over final scores. Instead, he approaches challenges with a competitive fire to do his best, to see others do their best, and to apply his coach’s eye to find opportunities to improve. As Principal of Western Guilford, Newlin couples that coach’s eye with the background needed for his role—five years as a secondary school math teacher, seven years as an assistant principal, nine years as a principal and six years as an Academic Improvement Officer. He has worked in different types of schools—large, urban schools; schools offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) program; even one high school that was the sole high school in the district, with all types of students and programs drawn together. In Indianapolis, he led principals across the spectrum in grades PreK -12. That variety has given him hands-on experience with balancing the complex needs of different students and programs. Good experience to have when you are supporting and empowering teachers who are implementing a variety of programs so they can then support their students and engage their families and communities. He’s competitive, complex, and compassionate, and we’re glad he’s on our team.