• Curriculum: We will cover 8 Units this year in 6th grade PLUS 5 Units in 7th grade. All Units can be viewed at Open Up Resources

    GRADE 6

    Unit 1 – Area and Surface Area

    Unit 2 – Ratios

    Unit 3 – Unit Rates and Percent

    Unit 4 – Dividing Fractions

    Unit 5 – Arithmetic in Base Ten

    Unit 6 – Expressions and Equations

    Unit 7 – Rational Numbers

    Unit 8 – Data Sets and Distributions

    **AIMM Classes will also do

    GRADE 7

    Unit 1- Scale Drawings

    Unit 2 - Proportional Relationships

    Unit 4 - Percentages

    Unit 5 - Rational Numbers

    Unit 6 - Equations

    Students will be given an opportunity to cover more 7th grade and some of 8th grade during the school year.


    Grading: Please read NW Handbook for more about the school wide grading policy.

    Test and Quizzes 45%

    Quizzes 35%

    Classwork 10%

    Homework 10%

    Test Corrections:  Students may submit test corrections for TESTS only within one week of the test being returned to them.  They should not alter any answers on their original test.  The student should re-work the test questions on a separate sheet working missed problems and get the right answer to receive half credit back.  Their new test score will be recorded with the old score in decimal form.  (ex. Old score 45%, new score +25%, recorded 70.45%.


    Parents can long into Powerschool to keep tabs on their students' grades.