• Luke Pritchett - Baseball

    Signed a scholarship to play baseball at Barton College next year.


      3-time 4A All-Conference Player

  • Comment from Coach Maness:

    Luke is a coach’s dream. He is totally dedicated to baseball, but more importantly, he is dedicated to Ragsdale baseball. He is a great leader for the younger players to follow. In fact, we always made a point to have the younger players watch Luke for the way he goes about his business. Another thing about Luke is the fact that he is a great player. He is versatile; he is tough; he is an excellent offensive player. Finally, and most importantly, Luke is a great kid. We will miss him terribly next year.

    Comment from Coach Horkey:

    From the start, Luke established himself as a leader on the team and was a role model for the younger players. His work ethic and coachability will bring him success in whatever he puts his mind to in the future.