Battle of the Books

  • Battle of the Books is a multi-grade team of readers that is given a list of 27 books.  We then read those books over the course of a few months and then compete against other middle schools in the district to see who can answer the most questions about those books. 

    The goals of JMS Battle of the Books are:

    • Read something new
    • Read for fun
    • Read with a purpose
    • Teach/share/learn
    • Respect ALL readers
    • Grow as a team


    When going to competition we can only take 12 members.  This is rarely an easy task to narrow down, but when we do, we take in to consideration:

    • your ability to work as a team,
    • student's ability to answer questions on the books they've read,
    • your effort,
    • number of books read
    • meeting attendance


    You are expected to be reading a Battle of the Books (BOB) book on a regular basis.  This does not mean every book you read has to be BOB material.  However, when you have time after you've done your classroom reading you SHOULD be reading a BOB book.  More often than not, those students that make the final team have read 10 or more of the books on the list.  Given that many of the books aren't long, this is not a difficult goal.

    Quizlet - you will be expected to memorize the author/title list - failure to do so will severely limit your opportunity to be on the final 12, therefore I've put together a quizlet to help you practice online and at home. 



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