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Degrees and Certifications:

*Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Language Education (English). *WIDA screener Online: Administration. *WIDA screener for Kindergarten: Administration and Scoring. *WIDA Speaking for Grades 1-5: Scoring ACCESS paper and WIDA Screener. *WIDA Writing for Grades 1-5: Scoring WIDA Screener. *Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs: Administration and Scoring.

Kenia Calderon

My name is Kenia Calderon. I was born in the smallest county in Central America which is El Salvador commonly known as "El Pulgarcito de America". I graduated from the Universidad Catolica de El Salvador with the major of Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Language Education (English). 

I have been working as an ESF/ESL teacher since 2015. All over these years, I have gained experience working with little kids, teenagers and adults, and that has been wonderful! When I was doing my last year of college, I got a grant from the embassy of the United States in El Salvador, and because of that I got the chance to come to the United States to do my graduation project in which I was working as a teacher assistant, for a year, at "Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion School" in Minnesota. After that, I had to go back home and, over there, I worked in different institutions with a variety of cultures and backgrounds that I am sure helped me become the person and the professional I am now. Moreover, my passion for traveling abroad was always there, so, in 2019, I decided to apply to a cultural exchange teacher program and I came to work here, at Guildford County Schools,  for two years as an ESOL teacher. After those two years, in 2021, I went back to El Salvador to take care of my family. But now, I am back in North Carolina and I am enjoying my job as an ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) teacher. I do believe that speaking more than one language opens minds and worlds. At the same time, it has been my inspiration to become a better teacher every day, because I am sure I can help a lot with the minority of non-English speakers in the school.