• FMS student mural


    WORD ART  

    Ferndale Middle follows Guilford County Schools' middle school Academically Gifted service model as outlined below:

    • The entirety of the gifted student’s day is spent in a general education setting, therefore, the responsibility for differentiation is with the classroom teacher.

    • The middle school AG service model does not include pull-out enrichment services.

    • There is an advanced level version of English/Language Arts (ELA) at each grade level, and there are multiple levels of math at each grade level.

    • All AG students are placed in accelerated/advanced classes based on their AG identification and in conjunction with district recommendations for placement (Reading and/or Math).

    • Students are grouped with their similarly performing/identified peers in clusters/groups of at least 8-10 students when possible. 

    • ALL AG students (& families) will receive annual plans for their areas of AG identification (Reading and/or Math). These plans outline how coursework will be modified to better meet your child's learning needs.