• Hello, I am honored to be teaching your student for the AG ELA classes! I love literature and its ability to connect ideas and experiences with stories, plays, and poetry. I will work to foster and strengthen your student’s understanding and appreciation of both reading and sharing their own voice through writing.

    A little about myself: I recently moved from Denver, Colorado and am enjoying the history, nature, and terrain of North Carolina! My fiancé and I (along with our dog and two cats) decided we wanted to make Greensboro home 😊 When I’m not teaching, I love exploring the outdoors, making crafts, watching movies, and reading.

    About this class: We will be reading from various genres, class novels, nonfiction readings, and an end-of-year research lab. Writing skills will be honed with weekly writing workshops that model and allow students to employ newly learned skills. We will work to strengthen and improve reading skills of comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and reading aloud with individualized student goals!

    If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached by phone at (336) 370-3471 ext. 1618 or via email at fleminc2@gcsnc.com. I am looking forward to a successful year of learning opportunities and achievement!


    Ms. Fleming