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Reminder: Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Policy

Hello Tiger Families, this is an additional announcement to bring an awareness and reminder about our dress code policy. Prior to spring break, we had several students call home due to dress code policy violations. We recognize spring is here and we would appreciate your support monitoring what students are wearing.

Please review the attached document to see the guidelines for our dress code. If students are found in violation, it will result in consequences.

The following items have been noticed prior to spring break and are not permitted per our dress code policy:

  • Biker shorts
  • Leggings must be covered with a top covering over the bottom
  • Shorts must come to the longer finger when hands are on the side
  • Skirts/dresses (must fall at/below the longest finger when hands are to the side)
  • Sagging
  • Students must wear a full shirt (no tanks, spaghetti straps, or crop tops) underneath their coats or hoodies
  • Students wearing hoods
  • Slides/flip flops (footwear must have a strap on the back to enclose the ankle)


Thank you for supporting this expectation in Tiger Nation. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school and speak with an administrator.

WGMS Dress Code 2022-2023