Accessing & Syncing OneDrive

  • To access OneDrive, navigate to

    You will be taken to a sign-in screen.

    OneDrive Login Screen

    •  On this sign-in screen you will type in your school email account:

    student lunch (ex.

    • If you are on your student device or on a school computer just hit the TAB key and you will be signed in.
    • If you are on a personal device or computer you will need to type in your usual login password that you use to log in to school computers or your student device.








    New, Upload, or Sync buttons  The main area of OneDrive allows you to create NEW documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and more.

     From the main area you can UPLOAD files so they are stored in the Cloud and accessible from any internet capable device.

     From the main area you can also SYNC your OneDrive so you can easily save to this storage area without having to navigate to   OneDrive in your Browser.  





      To SYNC your OneDrive click on Sync. 

    First Step in Syncing - switching to a different Microsoft App.  


     Click on Yes to open the "Microsoft OneDrive" App.  A version of this pop up will appear in any browser.


    Syncing Pop Up - Opening OneDrive




     Once you click Yes on the first pop-up you will see this message.  Like the message said, sign-in with your account if/when prompted.






    OneDrive in Explorer




    Once you sign-in then you will be able to save straight to OneDrive.  When saving on your device, look for OneDrive For Business in your directory (also know as Explorer).