• Ms. Sumerford and Ms. Cornett are excited to welcome you to the Alamance/Erwin School Library.

    Our theme this year is


    because we know that the Alamance Wolves and the Erwin Eagles love to


    We have worked hard to get the school library ready for all students returning to Alamance and Erwin. 

    We have more books on the shelves and will be adding even more new books as we go through the school year. We invite everyone to visit the library to see the changes and find a great book to read! 

Erwin Library Mission

  • To provide an environment which ensures opportunities for students and staff to become effective users of ideas and information and support instruction based on the Montessori method and best practices in order to prepare children for college and careers.


    Adapted from Information Power: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs and the Erwin Montessori School Mission Statement .

Goal of the School Library

  • The goal of the School Library Information Center is to make books and information accessible to all students and make reading an enjoyable experience.  To help achieve this goal, we have put certain policies in place in order maintain an environment where all students have equal access to the books they want to read.



    Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade students will visit the library each week with their classes for a lesson and to exchange books. 

    There are also daily open checkout times during which students may exchange books. 

    Parents may check books out before school or after school.

    Teachers also have the option of signing their students up for additional library checkout or lesson time, depending on schedule availability.

Choosing Books

  • Choosing Books

    Students should use the "Just Right Test" when choosing books to read. 

    When picking out a book, the students open to a random page and begin to read.  If they come to a word they do not know, they count it by putting one finger up. 

    As they read, they continue to put one finger up each time they come to a word they do not know.  If they have put all five fingers on one hand up at the end of the page, that book failed the "Just Right Test" -- it is too hard and the students should put that book back and find a different one that is on their reading level.

    0-1 = Too Easy

    1-2 = Just Right

    2-3 = Give it a Try

    4-5 = Too Hard

    If students follow this system, they will be more successful at finding books on their individual reading levels, which will help them become better readers.


Book Care Tips

  • Book Care: Tips for taking care of library books:

    Keep library books cleanTIP: Wash your hands before reading your library books.  Any dirt on your hands will go down the drain rather than onto your book.

    Return library books on time. TIP: Keep books in your backpack when you take them home.  You will always have them when it is time to return them.

    Choose the right library book for you. TIP: Ask your friends or Ms. Cravey for good book suggestions.  Your next favorite book might be one you have never heard of.

    Handle your library books gently so the next person to read them has the same great experience you had. TIP: Be honest if you accidentally damage a book.  Admitting the truth rather than hiding the damage will impress your teachers.