• Timeline:


        • Choice School Application Window: 
          • January 19th 2024- February 23rd 2024
        • Lottery Notifications:
          • March 8th 2024
        • Accept or Decline Deadline:
          • March 15th 2024
        • Erwin Virtual Parent Night for Middle School Registration:
          • February 29th at 6PM
        • Student Online Registration Window (MENDENHALL and HAIRSTON ONLY)
          • February 23rd 2024 - March 1st 2024
        • Student Online Registration Window for all other schools:
          • March 1st 2024 - March 10th 2024
        • Counselor Registration Window:
          • March 11th 2024 - April 26th 2024
          • March 4th 2024 - March 20th 2024 (MENDENHALL and HAIRSTON ONLY)
        • Notification of Course Selections
          • May 2024
    Guidance Lessons: 
    During the month of March students will be lead in guidance lessons related to middle school that include topics such as hygiene, responsible decision making, and coping with change.
    Individual Meetings: 
    At some point during the counselor registration window, all rising 6th graders will meet with the counselor individually to select, adjust, or discuss their course selections. Prior to this meeting, you are encouraged to review the registration booklet and discuss course selections with your students. 
    If you have questions about the registration process or would like to speak with the counselor, please reach out via:
    Phone: 336-370-8151
    Or with a Class Dojo message
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