graphic for Destiny Discover
  • In addition to checking out print books, students and staff can also check out electronic books, or eBooks.  eBooks can be read on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices using Destiny Discover.  For additional information, see the links at the right.

Destiny Discover & eBooks

Getting Started with Destiny Discover

  • Getting Started with Destiny Discover - VIDEO:  This short video from Follett provides information on how to search for books and other resources in Destiny Discover and how to use the features of Destiny Discover.

Searching for and Accessing eBooks

  • Searching for and Accessing eBooks - VIDEO:  This short video from Follett provides information on how to find, check out, and open Follett eBooks and Audiobooks.  A PDF document, Find and Use Follett eBooks and Audiobooks, is also available for download.

Reading Follett eBooks and Audiobooks

Destiny eBook App

  • Accessing eBooks with the Destiny Read App for iOS devices.  A PDF document, Use the Destiny Read App, is available for download.  From Follett's website: "An Android version of the app is planned to be released later this spring. Note that users on any platform supported by a standard browser (such as Android, Chrome OS, Windows) can take Follett eBooks offline using the browser download functionality."