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Cold & Flu Alert

Cold & Flu Alert !

Brought to you by your Guilford County Department of Public Health School Health Nurse


Sore throat, Flu season, it’s here! So… you have to take some steps to protect yourself.

  1. Wash your hands a lot!  Soap and water helps reduce the spread of germs.
  2. Drink more liquids – juices, water, soups, hot tea, etc (helps to keep fever down and ease any aches and pains).
  3. Get Plenty of rest – 8 hours of sleep at night ( allows the body’s defenses to get stronger)
  4. Use warm salt water gargles for that scratchy throat as often as every 1-2 hours in  the evenings; use throat lozenges or lemon drops as needed
  5. Hot steamy baths/showers help add moisture to the air and make breathing easier
  6. If fever persists over 1-2 days, check with the doctor for further evaluation- (Tylenol is O.K.-  DO NOT take Aspirin if you have flu like symptoms; risk of Reye’s Syndrome.)
  7. Lastly, stay home as long as vomiting, diarrhea, or fever continues- your teachers and classmates do not want to share this pain.

     Let’s keep everyone healthy by taking care of ourselves



If you child has a health condition or needs medication at school please go click the link below.