Media Center Behavior Expectations

  • In the Sedalia Elementary Media Center students are expected to be follow "ROAR" Respect, Ownership, Awareness, and Responsibility. Following these simple rules will make the Media Center an awesome place to be for everyone! 


    teacher at board      

    Treat Library staff and library books with Respect 

    Show kindness by caring about thoughts and feelings

    of staff and other students.

    book open on cart  



    boy shushing holding book  

    Use inside voices in the Library,

    Own your actions, emotions and choices in 

    every situation. 



    book definition   

    Use shelf markers respectfully. 

    students raising hands     

    Raise your hand to speak.


    child sitting with book    

    Sit properly on the rug
    with hands to self.


    when in doubt, go to the library    

    Eyes to Teacher.






     life preserver


    Know yourself and your library environment

    to keep everyone safe.

    Take care of everything
    you use in the Media Center:
    including books, computers,
    materials, magazines, and


    Show responsibility with your library books and the library shelves

    Follow directions from adults

    and be active learner

    in the classroom.