•  Class Schedule 2020 - 2021

    1st Semester Fall (2020)

    First Block: Planning

    Second Block: Psychology 

    Third Block: Honors Civics and Economics 

    Fourth Block: Civics and Economics 


     2nd Semester Spring (2021)

    First Block: Planning

    Second Block: Honors Civics and Economics

    Third Block: Honors Civics and Economics

    Fourth Block: Honors Civics and Economics


    The Course: Civics and Economics

    The content of this course provides a framework for understanding the basic tenets of American democracy, practices of American government as established by the United States Constitution, basic concepts of American politics and citizenship and concepts in macro and microeconomics and personal finance.

    The key measures of the course are organized under three components- Civics and Government, Personal Financial Literacy, and Economics. The Civics and Government component is framed to develop students' increased understanding of the institutions of constitutional democracy and fundamental principles and values upon which they are founded, the skills necessary to participate as effective and responsible citizens and the knowledge of how to use democratic procedures for making decisions and managing conflict.

    The Economic and Personal Financial Literacy component is framed to provide students with an understanding of the role economic factors play in making economic decisions, the ability to reason logically about key economic issues and the knowledge and skills needed to manage personal financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security. These three components would help prepare students to become responsible and effective citizens in an interdependent world. *adapted from the NC Public Schools Psychology Curriculum Document*



    The Course: Psychology

    The elective course, Psychology, engages students in understanding, articulation, and dissemination of psychology as a science. Students are introduced to psychology with a focus on the scientific study of human development, learning, motivation, and personality. It emphasizes the empirical examination of behavior and mental processes and it infuses perspectives fostering students' growth, development, and understanding of cultural diversity. Students of psychology acquire information from a variety of sources, use information as they make decisions and evaluations, and solve problems. The study of psychology enables students to recognize and cope with uncertainty and ambiguity in human behavior. * adapted from the NC Public Schools Psychology Curriculum Document*


    • Understand the historical development of psychology and the changing nature of humans.
    • Understand the appropriate research procedures and skills used in psychology.
    • Understand the process of how humans develop, learn, and adapt to the environment.
    • Understand how the development of personality can impact an individual's behavior.
    • Understand the influence of group behavior and group decision making.