• The following is an excerpt from GCS Policy 4400 regarding student attendance.  The full policy can be accessed at this link:   https://boardpolicyonline.com/bl/?b=guilford_new&s=735541

    Lawful (Excused) Absences

    Parents and guardians are requested to contact school officials immediately when unanticipated absences occur. When a student must miss school, an explanation of the absence must be communicated, by any method reasonably designed to achieve notice (e.g. written note or email) to the student’s teacher or attendance office official as soon as possible and within three days of the student’s return. Absences due to extended illnesses may also require a statement from a health care practitioner.

    All anticipated periods of absence should be reported to school officials prior to the period of absence and must receive prior approval in advance from the school principal or designee in order to be considered an excused absence.

    An absence may be lawful/excused for any of the following reasons:

    1. personal illness or injury that makes the student physically unable to attend school;

    2. isolation ordered by the local health officer or by the State Board of Health or isolation or quarantine that is a required state or local control measure;

    3. death in the immediate family (includes, but is not necessarily limited to, grandparents, parents, brothers, and sisters);

    4. medical or dental appointments;

    5. participation as a party or under subpoena as a witness in a court or administrative tribunal proceeding, including a proceeding before the Guilford County Schools Board of Education;

    6. for observance of an event required or suggested by the religion of the student or the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian, students are entitled to up to two days each academic year;

    7. participation in a valid educational opportunity, such as travel or service as a legislative or governor’s page, with prior approval from the principal (click link for parent request form);

    8. child care: illness or medical appointment during school hours of a child of whom the student is the custodial parent;

    9. a minimum of two days each academic year for visitation with the student’s parent or legal guardian if the student is not identified as at risk of academic failure because of unexcused absences and the student’s parent or legal guardian (a) is an active duty or inactive member of the uniformed services as defined by policy 4050, Children of Military Families, and (b) has been called to duty for, is on leave from, or has immediately returned from deployment to a combat zone or combat support posting; or

    10. any other reason as approved by the board in a board resolution.

    D. Unlawful (Unexcused) Absences

    All absences for reasons other than those identified under Section B, Lawful (Excused) Absences, will be deemed unlawful.

    Out-of-school suspension or expulsion will not be considered unlawful absence for purposes of the compulsory attendance law.