• Every student deserves to be supported and uplifted. So do you.

    Our mission and our passion is to let our students know how much we believe in them as we help build their future. We’ll do the same for you. At GCS, highly credentialed educators, caring staff members and experienced administrators will support you as a valuable member of the team. We’ll bounce ideas around with you, lift you up when the days are hard, celebrate your successes, and chart a path to growth and advancement. We need what you can bring to our diverse and vibrant school community — your skills, your life experience, your professional background and your ability to be a positive force in our schools. Apply for a teaching position and join us in a meaningful profession that changes lives. 

    They're our future. You're the difference. 

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  • Are you the kind of teacher who can break open how students think about education?

    At GCS, we value innovation, and that’s helped us rise up as a national leader in public education. From our superintendent’s leadership to our Signature Academies to the ways we’re pushing for critical modernizations of our facilities, visionary thinking is important to us — especially if we are to cultivate visionary thinking in our students. To be successful, students need to understand their own potential, be challenged by innovative learning experiences, and supported with the confidence to set big goals for themselves and achieve them.  

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  • We're constantly evolving to meet the needs of families and teachers – what are you seeking?

    We want you to access every kind of opportunity for growth we can offer, and we want to partner with you to achieve your goals. When you join GCS, you belong to a professional community that cares and understands how to support one another. And if there is a need you have, we’ll listen with the commitment to give our teachers every resource possible to help you succeed. We believe in our students, in our district and in you.  

  • Twenty years from now, you'll be the one they remember.

    Our schools bring people together and our teachers are a big reason why. Every day our students walk through our doors needing caring mentorship, a sense of belonging, and a spark of excitement about what they’ll learn and how that can impact their future. As a teacher with Guilford County Schools, you can help them build a foundation of knowledge and a confident vision for their future. You can show them their value, foster a sense of connection and belonging, and help them thrive in a diverse school district that spans languages, zip codes and cultural backgrounds. 

    Because they belong, they believe. That's the impact you can make.

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