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Hours of Operation

  • 7:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

  • The Montessori Philosophy

    The foundation of the Triangle Lake community can be found in its Mission Statement and in the goals and values of its family members.

    Beauty, Grace, and Peace are buzz words at Triangle Lake Montessori Magnet School. The environment is purposely prepared in a manner that invites children to learn. This "prepared environment" empowers children to take control of their own learning and behavior. On entering each classroom, the beauty of plants and flowers, along with inviting materials, exude a "sense of order" imperative to the Montessori method. Classrooms are called "Children's Houses" because the Montessori classroom is an extension of the home. The "Children's House" is a place where children learn social skills and how to live together with harmony as well as academic skills. Children are treated with respect and are given choices in activities and the place they would like to work. In return, they behave with dignity and self respect. It is no surprise that this peaceful atmosphere of the "Children's House" overwhelms the observer who may be looking through the "viewing window" in the hall.

    Children learn through experimentation and exploration with hands on materials. Teachers provide authentic experiences in order to achieve conceptual understanding--gardens are planted and tended, real animals are observed, and experimentation is extensive. Many field trips are taken during the year so that children may see, feel, hear, and smell the "real things" they have been talking about in the classroom. Children schooled the Montessori way learn about the "whole world" in which they live as they study many cultures--their geographical locations, their way of dress, and their lifestyles. Phonemic Awareness (the connection between letters and sounds) is strongly emphasized. Hands-on, specially designed Montessori materials are used to learn math concepts which reach much higher levels of understanding than simple computation. Music, art, and physical fitness are not left out of the Montessori curriculum.

    Visitors are always welcomed at Triangle Lake Montessori.

    Triangle Lake Montessori Magnet School is an International Peace Site.

    The meaning behind our school logo: The colors green and yellow represent the land and sun. The dove is a well-known symbol of peace.


    Triangle Lake Montessori School Logo

    "Let Peace on Earth begin at Triangle Lake Montessori School"

Vision Statement

  • Vision Statement:

    All stakeholders, including staff, students, parents, and community members, will work together to provide a safe environment in which students will develop a true love of learning.  Through our prepared Montessori environments, we will provide our students with challenging educational opportunities that enhance their unique talents and meet individuals’ needs.  Students will thrive in a peaceful learning environment that values diversity, fosters respect, and encourages independence.